Resources: Trainings

Please check out these trainiing oppurtunities currently being offered by area councils.  

- Trainers Edge:
- University of Scouting 2023: - save the date page in place, will update with more content when it’s available.
- IOLS Spring 2023:
- BALOO Spring 2023:
- NYLT Summer 2023: Waiting on venue negotiations
- Wood Badge 2023:
- Powderhorn 2023:
- IOLS Fall 2023:


Training helps you make the Scouting program more fun, more effective, and more rewarding for your youth, for your adults, and for YOU! Training helps us all get past the nervousness of performing a role for the first time, whether it’s leading a meeting or leading a camping trip or field trip program.

BS training modules can be accessed at

Required Basic Training Courses for Adults

  • Youth Protection Training
  • Cub Scout Basic Leader Training
  • Scouts BSA Basic Leader Training
  • Chartered Organization Representative Training


Position Trained – Every Scout Deserves a Trained Leader

  • Please reference the following link to see and consider the online training modules and learning plans that are relevant for the position you are currently serving:
  • Instructions to access all online training through are below in the How-To’s


Here are simple instructions to help you:

To take some of the trainings and to see exactly what is being offered to you, follow these steps:

  • Log into your account
  • Once you are logged in, on the top right of the screen you will see your name 
  • There is an arrow to the right of it that will bring down a drop-down menu, click on that
  • Then click on “ My training”
  • On the screen that has now come up you will see at the top, Training Center, click on that
  • This next Screen list all of the program areas or training areas that you can take a course in.  Click on one of the areas
  • Once the next screen comes up if you scroll down you will see the learning plans that are available to you.  To take the specific course just click on the dark blue box “add plan”.