Friends of Scouting

Friends of Scouting, The Greenwich Council's annual giving campaign, helps ensure high quality Scouting programs for every youth. Accounting for 13% of our funding each year, the campaign is vital to our Council's success.

An investment in Friends of Scouting helps to fund:

  • Local programs and activities throughout the Council 
  • Camp scholarships, uniforms and registration fees for youth who could otherwise not participate
  • The Scout Service Center, which coordinates Scouting activities and provides customer service
  • Accident and liability insurance to protect youth and adult members
  • Professional staff who counsel, guide and inspire volunteer leadership
  • Camps and facilities for year-round camping and Cub Scout family outdoor events
  • Opportunities to attend summer camp and high-adventure events
  • Advancement programs that recognize Scouts meeting the learning and achievement goals they set
  • Development and distribution literature and training materials
  • Leadership training for youth who will become future community leaders

For additional information on Friends of Scouting contact Kevin O'Shea at or 203-869-8424 x 107

Donate to Friends of Scouting: