Camp Seton - Friday Specials

Every Friday Cub Scout Boys & Girls get together for special themed days.  Activities, games, special visitors, and most of all fun!

Week 1 -  June 25 - 29
Heroes -  Firetruck visit  
Super heroes are around us everyday, saving  our lives, homes, pets and planet,  Campers will visit with first reponders and learn about fire and personal safety. Our local firefighters will rescue campers from the heat with a full field fire hose spray!  Who will rescue campers from the mud??

Week 2 - July 2 - July 6; (no camp July 4th)
Choose Your Own Adventure
Take the right fork on the trail or the left? Open the box or not? Trust a hiker in the woods?  Campers will have fun using maps, riddles and puzzles to make their way around camp to this classic adventure series!  But watch out...the wrong choice may land you in the dunk tank!

Week 3 - July 9 - July 13
Great Games 
Campers will compete on the court, in the Gaga pit and at the archery range for the Great Games.  But beware of JUMANJI! What seems like a friendly competition might have you fighting for your team's place in the games, 3 strikes and your out!

Week 4 - July 16 - July 20
Seton Boat Races
Every summer campers construct a challenging course in the creek to race their boats in the Seton Boat Races!  Each camper will make a boat using sticks, tape and a mystery item. Friday, finalists will race and everyone will have fun getting wet with all our special water activities. Win or lose, best in show, every camper goes their own wave!

Week 5 - July 23 - July 27
Rock, paper, scissors...SHOOT!  Become a rock hound, make a basket out of paper, use scissors for campfire cooking and shoot BB's!  Of course, a campwide Ro-Sham-Bo competition, winner takes all!

Week 6 - July 30 - August 3   
Cast Iron Chefs
Campfire cooking gives young children more than a full belly and sticky fingers - it helps them achieve a great sense of accomplishment!  Pancakes on a cast iron skillet over the campfire, monkey bread in a dutch oven, YUM!  Each camper will make their own pot holder for safe handling!

Week 7 - August 6 - August 10
Now you see me now you don't!  Campers will learn the art of camouflage, practice it in the field, and meet the animals who use it for survival.  WARNING:  Full Body Painiting!!!