Tips for Great Virtual Meetings


At the start of virtual meetings, remind people to use these tips to help the calls go smoothly:

1. Please mute your microphone except when you are speaking

2. Please use gestures to give feedback:

  • If audio is not working and you can’t hear the speaker, nod your head “no” until audio is fixed
  • Once audio is working, nod your head “yes”
  • If you would like to jump in with a comment or question, raise your hand until the person speaking calls on you
  • If you are speaking and want feedback, ask “yes” or “no” questions and ask people to give a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”
  • If you are listening and like something that is said, give a “thumbs up”. If you disagree, give a “thumbs down”. This helps the speaker know how her/his comments are being received.
  • If you are confused by what the speaker is saying or it is not coming through clearly give a “wobbly thumb” (thumb sticking out sideways, wobbling up and down)

3. (If available on your platform) Please open the chat window and submit questions, feedback, comments and suggestions via chat as we go. (Moderator—be sure to keep an eye on the chat window and address chat messages during the meeting either as you go or at the end. Always thank people for their messages)

4. If you are calling in and not on video, please interject and start by stating your name, then wait for the moderator to call on you before continuing

5. If we all use these tips, it will help our call go more smoothly and effectively!

Tip #1 to Moderators: On some platforms, including GoToMeeting, if a person called in on their phone and did not log-in on their computer, that person will NOT be listed on the attendee list and you will probably NOT know that they are on the call. AND, persons on the phone will not know who else is on the call. For both reasons, you will want to take a roll call to make sure that you (and everyone else) know the people on the call.

For example:

· Moderator: Let’s make sure we know everyone on the call. I’ll read off the list of names that have logged in. If you do NOT hear your name called, please speak up at the end when I ask for additional names.

· Moderator: Read off the list of people that are logged in.

· Is there anyone else on the call that I have not named? (Write down those names so that you can call on them during the call.)


Tip #2 to Moderators: Ask questions during the meeting the get feedback. This helps keep your audience engaged. Encourage people to offer suggestions, feedback and questions via the chat function. People who are on the phone and don’t have video often feel less engaged in these meetings—give people on the phone opportunities to speak and even call on them by name to solicit their input.