Popcorn 2019

Greenwich Scouting Units are able to raise money by selling Trail's End Popcorn. Popcorn is great for gifts, or for sharing with friends and family and the Trail's End popcorn is high-quality, delicious and comes in several varieties.  

                                      NEW FOR 2019 ~ TRAILS-END APP!                           

The Trails-End App is user friendly; all product is shipped directly to the customer FREE

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2019  Popcorn Dates 

The Popcorn Sale has great product and great incentives to motivate our Scouts, Parents and Leaders!

  • Great variety of flavors - something for everyone

  • Up to 35% Commission for units plus Prizes

Where does the Money Go?

Units keep their commission to help fund their unit's program and how the money used is entirely up to them. Some units use it to raise funds for a big trip, summer camp, new gear, or just regular operating expenses. Many units pay for their entire year's program with this one fundraiser!

The Council's portion of the sale helps fund Camperships, Council Program Events, and improvements at Ernest Seton Scout Reservation! All of the money gets directly re-invested into local Scouting!