Greenwich Scouting Units are able to raise money by selling Trail's End popcorn. Popcorn is great for gifts, or for sharing with friends and family and the Trail's End popcorn is high-quality, delicious and comes in several varieties.  

Why sell popcorn?

By working on a money-earning project, Scouts have the opportunity to learn how to earn the money it takes to operate their Pack or Troop or make a donation to a charity.  Plus, you will raise money!  Units get 35% commission. Thanks to the relationship between the Boy Scouts of America and Trails End Popcorn, Scouts can easily sell delicious popcorn to benefit their unit.

How to sell popcorn?

 There are 3 ways to sell popcorn and earn money for your Pack or Troop.  First, there's the "Show and Sell" technique where you purchase popcorn before hand and sell it to interested customers at locations such as grocery stores, banks, etc.  Then there's the "Take Order" technique where you pre-order popcorn from friends and family.  Finally, you can direct popcorn lovers to the website to order their own popcorn online with the profits going to your Unit. 

35% of sales go straight to your Unit.  Prizes are paid for by Council! 

Kernel Helpful Notes:

Sample Kernel's notes
Popcorn Selling Instructions for Day of Sales
Popcorn Selling Instructions for Parents
Popcorn Sample On Location Spreadsheet for your Unit
Popcorn Sample Data Entry

As Scouts do their popcorn sales, they will collect money from their customers and the Pack/Troop Popcorn Kernel collects money & order forms for the Pack account.  Please be sure customers address checks to the Pack or Troop. 

Council sends ONE invoice to each Pack/Troop in November totaling SHOW & TELL and Take Order.

Please send ONLY one or two representatives from your Pack or Troop to pick up popcorn at Seton for distribution at your Pack or Troop meeting.