Council Executive Board Training & Orientation


May 4, 2019 8:30 am to 12:30 pm



Seton Scout Reservation - Nature Education Center
363 Riversville Road
Greenwich, CT 06831
Location Phone: 203-869-6633


Council’s Annual Executive Board Training & Orientation
Saturday, May 4 th 
8:30am – 12:30pm
Seton Scout Reservation’s Nature Building 
A continental breakfast and lunch will be provided. Please note that this event will coincide with the Council’s Fishing Derby and the Boy Scout Camporee – so it’s a great opportunity for you to see Camp Seton in action. #GreenwichScouting
Prior to the in-person orientation, please complete the required online training curriculum based on your board position (outlined below), and to print and sign the attestation of training form.
All training modules are online and listed below (via the link below on Youtube), which allows you to view them at your convenience over the next two months. Further discussions will take place at the orientation in order to tie the training videos to Greenwich Council and our strategic objectives for 2019 and beyond.
Required Training Curriculum:
Attestation of Training Form (to be completed by all)
I AM an Executive Board Member :
  • Orientation Overview [1:37] Link
  • Module 1: Council Executive Board Overview [7:09] Link
  • Module 2: Council Board Organization [8:14] Link
  • Module 3: Council Officers’ and Subcommittees’ Roles [4:03] Link
  • Module 4: Council Board Roles in National and Regional Operations [3:46] Link
  • Module 5: Council Board Roles in District and Council Operations [8:34] Link
  • Module 12: Volunteer Board Recruitment [5:07] Link
  • Module 17: Council Board Member Training and Resources [7:24] Link
  • Youth Protection (Log into your account)
I AM an Executive Committee Member :
  • All Modules listed above in Executive Board Member Curriculum, plus…
  • Module 7: Good Governance [3:32] Link
  • Module 13: Building a Strategic Plan [3:12] Link
I AM a Key 3 Member (President, Commissioner, Scout Executive) :
  • All Modules listed above in Executive Board & Committee Member Curriculum, plus…
  • Module 6: Understanding the Council’s Financial Statements [4:03] Link
  • Module 8: Cash Flow (Liquidity Ratio) and Debt Accumulation) [3:19] Link
  • Module 9: Sufficient Revenue Generation [5:11] Link
  • Module 10: Building Budgets [8:55] Link
  • Module 11: The Audit Process [4:45] Link
  • Module 14: Council Executive Board Retreat [4:09] Link
  • Module 15: Volunteer Recognition Program [2:23] Link
  • Module 16: Council Board Member Training and Resources [1:14] Link