SSR - Reservation - Check-in/Check-out Procedures

Check-In Procedures:
Check in: 6:00-8:00PM Friday After 8:00AM Saturday

  • Please call office if you have any change in your arrival time. Units running late, please call Campmaster at 203-869-6633.
  • Upon arrival at Camp, Unit Leaders will be briefed by the Campmaster. You will be asked to settle any fees that are due and turn in a unit roster.
  • The Campmaster will provide a map outlining camp boundaries and markings. Please refer to the Seton Scout Reservation Rules and Regulations. You will be assigned to the site(s) and or building(s) reserved for your unit. The Campmaster reserves the right to change your site for cogent reasons.
  • Your vehicle(s) will be directed to the parking area. Vehicles are not allowed in any other areas of the camp. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • The Campmaster will inform you of the Trading Post hours of operation. Typical items sold are: sundries, patches, camping gear, candy, snacks and beverages.

Check-out Procedures:
Check out: You must check-out before Sunday 12:00PM

  • Notify the Campmaster when your campsite is ready for inspection. Leaving Seton Scout Reservation without an authorized inspection will jeopardize future use and camping privileges.
  • All camping gear must be brought down to the parking area on foot. No vehicles or trailers are permitted at campsites.