Virtual Cuboree 2020


Jun 6, 2020 1:00 pm to Jun 7, 2020 12:00 pm



James O'Neill High School
21 Morgan Road
Highland Falls, NY 10928



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Cub Scout Virtual Cuboree!  We may not be able to be together but Cub Scout Adventure awaits!!  


How this works:

Like camp, you will have many activity sessions, meals, camping, and even a virtual campfire. Participate fully and receive a souvenir patch!

2020 Cuboree Patch Design Contest!!  Shout out to all the Cub Scouts who submitted a design!!

June 6 to 7, 2020. In case of inclement weather, the outdoor events including camping out can be done any day between now and June15th to count.


Check into camp – all you have to do is tell your parents you are there. I promise, they will let you in.

Set up camp – You have two nights of camping. One is indoors, one is outdoors. Pick which you’d like to do tonight:

Indoor Camping: With your parent, or a member of your household and under your parent’s supervision, set up an indoor tent made of blankets, couch cushions, boxes, or other household items in your living room. Sleep there for the night. Outdoor Camping: With your parent, or a member of your household and under your parent’s supervision, set up a tent or a tarp. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for the weather. Camp out in your yard for the night. If your parent won’t let you stay out...stay out as long as they will let you.

Family Time – You must get everyone in your household to participate with you for this. Play a board game or card game with your family. The game needs to last at least 30 minutes.


Activities – The complete list of activities will be released in a few weeks from today! You must complete several of these over the course of the weekend. Each activity must take no less than 30 minutes to complete.  (details to follow)

Help with 2 Meals – With your parent’s permission and under their supervision, help cook a part of two meals. one indoors, and one outdoors. Your help must include heating something, mixing something, or chilling something. Follow the directions of your parents, or a recipe. Cooking can include frying, baking, BBQ grilling, camp stove or over a fire if you have access at home. Remember, part of helping with a meal is the clean-up afterwards. The two meals don’t have to be on the same day.

Participate in a virtual Campfire - zoom with your Pack or particpate on Facebook live!


Finish any activities or help with meals that you didn’t get to do on Saturday. Remember to clean up after yourself. Don’t leave a trail that your parents can follow!

Cuboree information Packet


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