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Our on-line search supports basic Boolean capability (AND, OR). If you enter one or more words WITHOUT the AND or OR statements, the search will look for all of the words just as if each word was separated by an OR. To match an exact phrase, enclose the search words with quotation marks. For example, if you enter "Scouts camping" then only pages containing that EXACT phrase will be selected.

However, you can improve your search by using the Boolean operators. For example, by entering "Scouts AND camping", the search will find pages containing BOTH of these words even if the words are not together on the page.

On the other hand, by entering "Scouts OR camping", the search will find pages containing EITHER of the words.

As a general rule, if you want fewer results use "AND"; if you want more results use "OR". Also, the search engine will detect the use of plurals so that, for example, the words "camp" and "camps" will return the same results. 

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